Akaso wifi connection with Fairphone 2

I can’t connect the F2 via the ismart app to the Akaso camera. It just says failed to connect. I know it is an issue with the phone as it works on our Samsung Android. Any ideas? Gone back to factory settings, rebooted done all the obvious. Suggestions appreciated.

It could also be the app that doesn’t support the phone. I neither know the camera nor the app, but I suggest that you also contact the respective companies.

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If we are talking about this App … I guess you want to consider all those 1 star reviews the App got in the Store, even from people with Samsung devices.

For some of the 1 star reviews there are responses with hints what to try/ensure. Maybe those help?
But I’m with Stefan: try to contact the company directly.

BTW, is that the official app to use with the camera (which model is that)? Or are there any alternatives?

I’m not familiar with this cam but I for example had very bad luck with an WiFi HDMI stick that was a pain in the a… :frowning: Some devices can turn out to be pretty bad. It worked rather unreliably and totally complicated in the beginning and at some point just stopped completely. In those cases I fear the community can’t help much. Except maybe point to devices that are known to work better. Still won’t help with the existing device, though.

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