Airplay to iPod dock on FP3


So I am looking for a way to stream YouTube app (not YouTube music) to my hifi via WiFi with airplay. I use an onkyo dock.

My phone isn’t rooted and I don’t plan to root it.
I’ve tried allcast but no luck.

Any help appreciated.

Why don’t you use bluetooth?

Because I can’t connect to my dock via Bluetooth, only optical cable or WiFi.

It seems that Onkyo docks are mostly focussed on iPhones, therefore they don’t have the basic connection technology that literally everyone else uses, but apparently there’s an Android app that allows one to play music.

Airplay is Apple proprietary. I would recommend buying a used Chromecast Audio or similar third party product to extend your Onkyo.

I tried that but the app says it’s for an older android version and didn’t work.
Thanks anyway

I’m actually looking at that already yes, I was just looking at a solution with existing hardware, FP3 is about the environment too after all.

AirPlay isn’t AirDrop, right? I saw some projects with support for AirPlay (I suppose it got reverse engineered). For Android I found AirAudio, but it requires root.

Synchronous multi-room sound casting of Bluetooth, Airplay, Line-In and Spotify. Or here. Shairport-Sync. This is for running a server though; not client.