Airplane mode switches on automatically

When conversating on my faiphone 2 the phone very regularly jumps into aéroplane mode. It cuts the conversation. Is it the shape of my face? Anyway, i’d like to cet rid of that fonction if no other solution is possible? Who knows?

I’m not aware of any automatism. Which ROM are you using, and any software that controls airplane mode?

Not too sure which ROM is is. My fair phone is an FP2 model with a qualcomm MSM8974PRO-AA processeur an android 6.01 version. My band base is 4437.1-FP2-0-07.
I have just done an update.


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So probably FPOS with Google services.
Maybe it’s indeed the proximity sensor

I’ve done the process. Hopefully will work. Thank you!


Will also try it thanks :slight_smile:

Usually that happens when the proximity sensor is very sensitive, do update us if the issue persists.

Well i dix what was asked and the reset and this morning while phoning got the aéroplane mode again.

Can you try calling a friend and check in the mirror whether the screen goes black?.
Does this happen with headphones also?

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It still skips into aéroplane mode yet not so quickly.

Hi I ve had the same problem for a year. Resetting the sensor as suggested by others usually works for a while but not long. 1 or 2 weeks ago someone suggested to clean this from the inside and that seems to have worked. The tip showed a very clear video, but un fortunately I don t know where to find this again. I had to take the screen of and get the dust away inside…

Hey there,
I got the same problem. I did a new calibration and it is much better. but still sometimes it happens.
And also it happens sometimes, that I do anything with my ear or face or whatever, that the other one can not hear me anymore, but I do understand him/her perfectly

Are there ideas what I can do

…And is there someone out there who speaks german… :-/

Here’s a slightly different way of calibrating the sensor that might help:

Full instructions via Fairphone support’s troubleshooter > Display > My display stays on during a call. Your mileage may vary. The troubleshooter will also tell you how to get in touch with Fairphone support if it turns out the sensor isn’t registering anything.

You mean it goes into airplane mode even when you use headphones and the phone lies on the table? That’s really strange then, and i never heard of such an effect, except maybe some automation software misinterprets something and switches on its own

No i never use headphones thinking its bad for longterm hearing and shortterm sociability.

So it took longer to go into airplane mode after sensor calibration. Ok. Then maybe cleaning is the way to go

Thanks a lot for this idea! I did it - and it seems that it works. At least the first two calls I did worked perfectly.

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