Agenda crashes on FP2 with LineageOS


The agenda widget works well, however if I try to open an item from it (or to lunch the app from the global list), it crashes before anything is displayed.

Has anyone the same problem or found a fix/workaround? Thanks!

Which LineageOS build are you on?
(Settings - About phone - tap on Android version - LineageOS version)

Since LOS 17 I use Simple Calendar Pro … The default agenda has lost too many features :wink:

I’m on the last Lineage 17.1 build (2020 04 22)

Seems there was work going on concerning the calendar since then … perhaps it’s fixed in the next build …

The first build since last month has been published. Now I can open the calendar from the application list, but I don’t have the widget anymore.

Screenshot_20200601-184032_Trebuchet Screenshot_20200601-183320_Trebuchet

Let’s hope it will be re-added soon…

I dug a bit about the new calendar app. So, Etar isn’t a LOS specific app, it’s a generic one which could be found on github.
This page has a link to the Todo Agenda app on f-droid, which is outdated and speaks about another todo agenda app for more recent android version but the link has no href. However, putting the provided string in the URL works:
I installed this app and now I have a widget again.

I’m putting it here as it’s not straight forward at all. It could eventually helps someone.


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