After waterdamage FP2 goes off from time to time

A couple of days ago a bottle of water has leaked out in my backpack. Unfortunately my FP2 was in that backpack :(. I disassembled the FP and let it dry. After a couple of days I tried to start it and it worked BUT since then it goes off from time to time. Yesterday it worked almost 10 hours until it went off. This morning the FP is not able to start…As soon as the FP runs, everything works fine. Any idea what the problem might be?

Since I have no better idea I’d disassemble the phone again and see if there is any residue on any part that could cause the issue. Maybe cleaning with alcohol could help then.


Thanks for the advice. I’m gonna try it asap.

Careful cleaning and drying beside patience is the key here before powering on again. Usually there is only one chance to test. If there is any kind of short circuit due to residues the game is over anyway and you most sure have to deal with permanently broken parts.

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