After upgrade to 19.11.2 battery won't charge

Decided to do as the Fairphone upgrader wanted - upgraded. Bad idea. It’s really wonky, and I don’t find any info regarding this specific problem in the forum. Fairphone is on the verge of losing a customer.

It doesn’t seem to be the battery itself acting up. The processor on the other hand is smoking hot. The graph for battery usage looks… interesting.

The battery was fully loaded a few hours ago, then dropped to 1% after upgrade, so I plugged to the wall but it wouldn’t charge. It said it had been 25%, consistently for an hour or so, and then dropped from 50(!)% to 1%, but it will not charge more than 5% now.

I closed some apps a few minutes ago, and then the icon for charging started blinking, saying it was charging, but the charge went up to 5% and remained there. Because of the heat I yanked the cable, but the battery instantly went down to 4%. Put it in again, and now it’s stable at 4%, but says it’s not charging, but it’s too hot to hold in the hand… And I’m pretty sensitive to EMFs and this bugger is emitting something, even though both Bluetooth and WiFi is shut off. My brain is turning into snot and feels like it’s being crushed, and my heart feels strange, which are the usual signs for too high doses of radiation from wireless things.

The phone has been behaving pretty nicely after some initial problems in 2016 sorted themselves. Maybe I’ll go downtown tomorrow and buy meself something cheap just to be able to communicate. I just cannot divert any brain power into a new project like this at this time, trying to revert the upgrade.

Did you turn the phone off once (for real, not just a reboot) and start it up again?
There are more hints in the #batteryguide.

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  • You could try starting in #dic:safemode and see if it charges.
    If it does, it’s a problem with an app.
  • You could try a #dic:factorydatareset (:warning: #dic:backup before!)
  • You could try a #dic:kickstart
  • If you plug your phone without the battery, does it show the Fairphone logo, vibrate and switch the red light on in a cycle?
    If it doesn’t, you have a hardware problem.

You could use an external battery charger (if you have one) to charge your phone meanwhile.

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