After update to 1.8.7 google apps can't be installed!

Because after I installed GAPPS I started having the same problem as before… google play would not update any of my applications… everything seems to be back to normal now… crossing my fingers. :smile:

After system update I am unable to reinstall Google apps. The Google apps installer says there is no room on the “front page”, which is wrong. When I put it elsewhere it says that the apps are already installed. I´ve tried to reinstall the software using Fairphone updater but it wont reinstall, it just updates which doesn´t do the trick it seems. So, anyone knows what to do?

What helped me is installing the update to 1.8.7 again, then install Google Apps via the Fairphone Updater App, not the Widget.

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Here is a guide on how to do so:

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Thanks Ben. I find it hard to control the updater. Anyway, I cleaned the cache of the updater and then it worked. Magic…?