After the last update to OS 1.5.1 the exchange server doesn't work

Last week I have installed the newest update to fairphone OS 1.5.1. It had been sucessfull. But after that my exchange server does no longer work because it does not find the right cerficate. What can I do? Thanks Jürgen

Hi, I had problems with exchange too. In my case it was a permanent sync loop draining the battery very fast.

I did the following:

  • delete my exchange account
  • delete all app data and cache via Settings -> Apps -> All
    (this for all apps having to do with mail, address, calendar, exchange …)
  • reestablish my exchange account, security type “SSL/TLS (accept all certs)”

The last setting may depend on the policy of your organization. Perhaps they have installed a certificate on your phone which was lost during update and has to be reinstalled.

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Hallo, thank’s a lot, I’ve deleted my exchange account, and have reinstalled it. Now it works properly.

Thanks a lot


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