After FP4 Update Bluetooth problems

Unfortunately after the last update, bluetooth connections with my to two different earphones emerged.

FP doesnot find the earphones and cannot connect. Does anybody have this issue? Any remedy?

Thank you and wishing the community a Happy New Year 2023.


What have you tried already and which earphones? I dont have any issues. I would start to disconnect, reset the earphones etc.


Disconnected and restarted earphones and FP many times. FP found only my Laptop and a LG Speaker but not the earphones. Yesterday one of the earphones was working and connecting via bluetooth. Today no more.

Sometimes you have to tell both the phone and the earphones to forget older connections and re-establish, switching the phone etc. on and off does not do that.

if you have one of the Fairphone earbuds see


Thank you all for your replies - found the solution in the “Pairing/Unparing” section. It was because the earbuds where existing on many devices and also active - that FP did not find them.

Mystery solved :slight_smile: Thank you very much. Now I can hear music again :smiley:



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Same problem after 1.9 version update. All was fine before.
Since my last update:

  • Bluetooth stops after a message
  • after trying to change system setting, impossible to find my device
  • impossible to connect anything
    Thanks for your help

I have also had problems with the bluetooth pairing of my fairphone 4 with the fairphone earbuds since the April 2023 update. Since the same day that I updated, every time the connection is established, one earbud or the other is activated alternately, you have to connect /disconnect many times so that they both connect at the same time. Also when I put my fairphone 4 in my pocket there are connection problems, as if the distance were too great. Until the last update, for about a year, everything worked perfectly. I have tried what is indicated but nothing has worked. I don’t know if it could be a problem with the update.

Do you carry your phone in your left pocket by any chance? :thinking:
I have the same issue (had it for a while actually) and I sometimes have to switch pockets to get it to work reliably again.

I also noticed that a change in network connectivity (switching from one WiFi AP to another or to cellular) will mess up the Bluetooth connection as well. I had to switch to flight mode when working in the garden because being just barely in range of the WiFi made my earphones completely unusable.

Hello, I normally carry it in my right pocket, but it is true that changing it to the left sometimes improves connectivity. I have never had problems with the network change, I leave the house with Wi-Fi and I continue with mobile coverage without problems.

Hello again
After several reboots and several pair/unpair of the earbuds, everything works correctly, it took me a few days but it seems that everything is ok. Thank you

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