After Fairphone OS Update My Keyboard Doesn't Work ("AOSP has stopped"). How can I fix this?

i received my phone yesterday and upgraded.
Any hints on how to recover the Android Keyboard (AOSP) which has “unfortunately” stopped

Did you (re-)install Google Apps already? (I don’t want to push you to use gapps, but it might help.)

thanks for your reply ( :

sorry to be such a newbie
but how do i do that?

Hello @paul_k,

Warning before trying this you should make sure there is an alternative installed on your device, before starting this process, to avoid the risk to end up without any keyboard. I like SwiftKey a lot.

just start the goole Playstore on your phone, go to the my Apps view and find the keyboard. After Tabing on it you should see an “uninstall” Button somewhere at the top left corner. After you have used it to remove the Keyboard it will change to a “install” Button. Push it and you will receive a fresh installation of the Keyboard.

I don’t know if it helps but I do not have a better idea than @humorkritik for this problem.


thank you for your reply

that didnt work either, haha

i dont mind wiping the phone clean and starting again, i,ve only had it 18 hours,

but i cant do that since no keyboard means i cant enter a pin number

is there another way to wipe the phone ?


is it the PIN of your SIM Card? You might be able to Skip this (try the little Back Button at the lower end of your screen), or do you have locked your Phone with a Password?

Have you tryed to restart your phone (in general hold the power button pressed for some seconds while the screen is turned on in case of emergency just remove the battery ;))?


There is a Google apps installer widget on your home screen. It looks like this:

Tap it to install the Google apps. The keyboard is part of the Google apps.

If the widget is not present on the home screen, open the app drawer by swiping your finger from one of the side of your phone to the middle. Release your finger while touching the circle with the six dots:

In the app drawer, tap the “widgets” tab at the top of the screen and keep swiping to the right until you see the google apps installer widget. Tap and hold it and then release it somewhere on your home screen.

If the google apps are already installed, the widget will say “Google apps installed, delete this installer”. In that case, your problem lies somewhere else.

Jerry, thank you very much

that was a perfect reply,
the phone is back to life

As this is now resolved I have closed this topic to new replies.

In some cases it’s possible you get a message saying “keyboard not responding” or “AOSP has stopped” after installing the software update. To fix this, you have to reinstall the App Store on your Fairphone.

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