After Display-Replacement: Touchscreen doesn't work

Hey Community,

maybe somebody could help or knows a solution…
Fortunately I got one of the new replacement-screens. Today I tried to replace the old, cracked one by using the manual of ifixit. Everything run perfect, the phone started to boot like before, everything seems to work perfect. But there is no response by touching the display. I repeated everything a second time, checked every connection but still the same. I also made a test in the factory mode to exclude an unlikely software-problem.
I took a look at the ZIF-Connection-Cable which should be connected to the motherboard right form the headset-plugin. It seems that this cable makes his kink at a different position then the ZIF-cable of the old display. Could this be a problem? Could this kink, which was there since I got the screen, be the reason for a functionless touch-screen. And ist there a possibility/manual to replace the cable of the old display to the new one?
I mad a photo of the cable.

Update: Now, I replaced the old display and it works, so there is definitively no problem with the mainboard.

I am really sad, because of waiting months for this new but functionless display, would be glad if anybody could help.



I’ve got the same problem! I already wrote the support, because my ZIF-cable seemed snapped off, so I thought maybe it’s broken yet.
I’m waiting for an answer and will let you know if I get some.


…Think it wasn’t the best idea of the company to send the screen in a normal cardboard bundle without any special protection…

Hey Jonas,
did you get an answer?


No, still no reply. Two days ago (15 days after my first request), I wrote them again and referred to this forum entries. Also I ordered a new display, got it today and it works. So I think there must be something wrong with the first one.
Sorry, I don’t have better news. Did you contact the support yet?

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