After A.0084 Update no boot Fairphone 3

I have update with Win 7 64Bit the Fairphone 3 on the latest Firmware: FP3 RE Q 3_A_0084 20210204 2_105300 user fastbootimage repack. No Boot only the Fairphone Powered by android. and Fastboot is status Locked, is very schitty.

The “symptom” you describe sounds very much like in this topic:

If you connect your FP3 in fastboot mode to your computer and launch command prompt on your computer, you could try if “fastboot oem unlock” works.

Here an Video: Fairphone 3 startet nach firmwareupdate nicht mehr auf 16 März 2021 - YouTube

The fastboot oem unlock function not. i have make Recovery and ADB. Betther is install from SD Card, i wil an Image for fair this.

Looking at the title of the YouTube video and your replies it seems that German is your native language.
You could continue in German, that’s not a problem.

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I believe I’m in the same situation with possibly a different back story.

  • Just got a Fairphone3 with the goal of installing Ubuntu Touch
  • Updated the phone via the regular process (Android9->Android10)
  • Performed the unlock procedure from the official Fairpone3 page
  • Unlocked the bootloader with fastboot on Windows 10
  • Attempted to install Ubuntu Touch using the following steps Fairphone 3 (FP3) Port | UBports Forum
  • After the flashing unfortunetly the phone didn’t boot (Interestingly enough during boot there was no logo when saying “powered by Android”)
  • The system did not boot so after another flashing attempt I decided to try my luck with the /e/ OS
  • I followed the following guide (starting at step 3) [HOW-TO] Flash /e/-OS on Fairphone 3 using Debian based GNU/Linux - HOWTOs - /e/ community
  • System did not boot again, however, this time I could get into recovery mode of /e/ OS
  • Did not manage to find a solution from here so I decided to start again with the A.0084 (FP3-REL-Q-3.A.0084-20210204-2.105300-user-fastbootimage-repack)
  • Saw a long list of flashing commands and I guess at the end the script locked the OEM

Current Situation

  • OEM is locked so I cannot use fastboot to unlock it
  • Booting from partition ‘a’ (still don’t fully understand that part) I get stuck in the booting logo
  • Booting from partition ‘b’ results in the restart loop
  • With selected partition ‘a’ and “recovery mode” I can reach the broken android screen and get into the recovery menu
  • Run Graphics test fails
  • recovery.log includes several errors ex. “E:Failed to load bitmap cancel_wipe_data_text (error -1)”

Here an Video:

The command shown “fastboot oem unlock”, requires for you to be in the Fast Boot Menu, the menu you previously showed (hold power button & volume down until you feel a vibration).

In my case this is the results

You may want to consider a new topic when your situation isn’t really a simple failure to boot after an update ~ as in your case it happened before you tried to reinstall A10.

Anyway hope you get it fixed.

This function not, you must make in ADB mode, i have teted all version, the 0084 version is very buggy, i can not start, hangs on the bootlogo. i can never install an fastboot image, this is very shitty.

This function not on C:. You must change in the directory from the folder: FP3 RE Q 3_A_0084 20210204 2_105300 user fastbootimage repack. The Comman function only in the right folder.


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Looks like the faulty install package was updated, see Last manual install A.0084 broke my fairphone - #19 by _tmp (and please continue there).