Advice for cleaning FP2 chassis components after canal accident


Have gained a torx driver, and taken everything to pieces. There is corrosion on some of the contacts…I wonder if anyone has advice on how to remove it without damaging the phone? I’d usually use an anglegrinder with a wire brush,…but I suspect that would be overkill. :smiley:

Hi all.

Have read a few posts on water damage, but have yet to see any regarding chassis.

I managed to fall in a canal with FP2 in my pocket. Sadly, the case has already cracked and split in various places, so any water-repelling abilities have been negated. As soon as I got out, I removed the battery and chucked the phone in rice (I know, but I was late for work!) Have now disassembled and laid on a paper towel. I can see water behind what I think is the antenna (above the SIM slots).

Any advice on the tool I need to remove all these parts? (Seems to be a tiny star-shaped key.

Thanks in advance!


Torx T5 according to iFixit.
A Torx screwdriver set is available for 7.95 € at Amazon.

Thanks for that. Torx acquired.

I’ve now completely disassembled. There is already some corrosion around internal contacts.

Any tips on cleaning? Usually I use a wire brush on an angle grinder…but I suspect that might not work here…

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