Adjusting FP4 screen touch sensitivity

Is there a way to adjust the screen sensitivity on the FP4? Looked in Settings; Language and Input but can’t find anything

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Welcome to the community :wave:

If you are looking for a setting like on some Samsung phones that increases touch sensitivity for use with screen protectors, that doesn’t exist as far as I can tell.

There is Settings → System → Languages and input → Advanced → Pointer speed, but that’s meant for mouse or trackpad input devices.

What are you trying to achieve with increased screen sensitivity? :thinking:

Sometimes the screen doesn’t seem to respond, if my fingers are very dry. Have never had the problem on any other phone but liked the option on my old Sony to adjust for wearing gloves.

Reading other threads on here one of the recurring issues I have is the camera not taking photos from the screen button but that may be the camera app and not the screen.

Further: can you get a friend to use the phone to see if the sensitivity is fine for them. If friends and family agree with you it may be wise to contact support.

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It seems to be OK thanks, I’ll probably get used to it.




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