Adfiltering when being used as a hotspot?

While waiting for a potential future FairTablet ( ;)) I’m using my Fairphone as a hotspot with other devices, among them some machines that do their own adfiltering, and some that don’t.
When I installed the system-level AdAway app in the phone I discovered it was very efficient, but unexpectedly the hostfiles adaptation doesn’t seem to apply for the links used by the hotspot-connected clients.

Is there a specific way to set AdAway to get this?
Or are there other apps that would produce the same effect?

My dream: an ad-filtering hotspot :wink:


AFAIK AdAway (just installed today so I have to test it yet…) works by putting an /etc/hosts file which redirects calls to blacklisted ad-hosts to, so I assume ad filtering works at DNS requests level.
You should verify the DNS server(s) configured in your clients and if their address is an internal FP DNS server (I don’t know if it is provided by Android or if it’s configured to your ISP when the phone connects to the Internet) or the addresses provided by your ISP.
In the former case (FP internal DNS server) probably you should have ad-filtering so I suppose this is not the case…
Bye! :slight_smile:

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Darn. You are right, alas. All my clients have DNSes of their own, that I won’t change, so they must solve their requests elsewhere :(…