Address lookup backend?

Hi @ all,

I’m pretty sure, this is not a problem directly concerning the FP2 but I still hope that some of you could give me a hint. I’m trying to start a navigation route when clicking on the address of any of my contacts. I always receive a note “Searching address with offline data” followed by “no match” (roughly translated by me). I’m using µg Unified Nlp (no GAPPS) and I think I need an address lookup backend. When I try to configure UnifiedNlp address lookup theres no backend to choose. I’m not experienced in this so it’s just a guess of mine. Could someone give me a hint? I’d really appreciate it. Currently I’m using:

FOS 16.06.0
OsmAnd~ 2.3.5
µg UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS) 1.6.6
LocalGsmNlpBackend 1.4.5


p.s. Manually entering the address in OsmAnd~ works just fine…

You’ll need to download backends for UnifiedNLP to work. In that case the Nominatim backend.

I#m not sure if that will fix your issue though. What happens if you try the same while connected to the internet?

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Hi paulakreuzer and thanks a lot for the fast reply.

So geocoding == address lookup. Wasn’t sure about that. I tried the above with Wifi connected to the internet. I now installed Nominatim and I was able to set Nominatim as address lookup backend and also did a reboot just to be sure. Unfortunately address lookup from my contacts list still won’t work. I still receive the notifications as above and OsmAnd~ just opens up and points to lat:0/long:0

I just tried - I actually didn’t have a contact with an address before - I get the notification “address not found”. However if I copy an address from Osmand and save it in that odd format in the contact then it works. It reads like “Street (District) Location: geo: 48.xxx lat=48.xxxx&lon=16.xxxx…”.
That’s not really beautiful in the contacts app.

The NLP backend doesn’t help, because - as I understand - it can only convert geo lat/lon info to Street names, but not the other way around.

PS: Even with this trick to enable online searches in Osmand it doesn’t work with normal format addresses from the contacts.

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This is unfortunately correct, at least I have the same experience and it is very annoying. The search feature in OSMand is very weak - whilst in I usually find everything. That’s the reason why I still have google maps (grrrr) on my FP2.

Thanks for looking into this. It seems this has nothing to do with the phone itself.
I could add a second address for each contact using the notation described by paulakreuzer. On the other hand I found a thread talking about a contact plugin for OsmAnd. But I couldn’t find the mentioned plugins up to date. The newest one was about 2 yrs old. So I doubt this would work.

And the last would be searching for an alternative app for offline navigation. But there are tons of them and I don’t know a single one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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