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As quite a few people think they are contacting official Fairphone support when they are a new user and start to make queries, maybe there could be a heading. That can be hidden once accepted by the user, so that it doesn’t repeat on following queries: saying.

This is not the official FP company support. Please #contactsupport for official help and support.


I could add it as a 6th tip to the post

which is always shown at the top (for new users)…

Btw.: we might add more languages to this greeting message if native speakers of other languages want to contribute… :slight_smile:

I not sure people read more than ten words if it can be avoided.

So I’m thinking it would have to be a disappering banner the first time someone makes a New Topic ??

What Volker is mention is more then enough

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…and I’m not aware of a way to make this work.


You can pin something like that as a topic banner. You can also include it as a default template in the #help categories, but then as a comment within HTML comment tags. That last one is a bit too much. But I guess just adding it to the rules is enough as well.

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I’ve now added it to the linked banner page.

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It’s already there since a long time (last sentence of the pinned topic):

EDIT: ah, you meant to add it to the template of new topics? That’s IMHO too much - as there’s afaik no way to only add it to the very first topic of a new user. So it’d appear in every new created topic…


For a quick start in other languages machine translations accompanied with a “(machine translation, please improve if you can)” hint might be a way.
(Hoping that the machine translation can halfway correctly translate the hint about the machine translation :slight_smile: .)


I was thinking of having an option to remove it, like some banners we have about Discourse updates. They would use a cookie so that a user that has removed the banner will not see it again.

It’s there. That’s what I’ve created a screenshot here…: Add note to New Topic - #8 by Volker

There’s only one banner globally possible. So it would disappear with every other banner announcement (like e.g. for SW updates).


I see a conclusion has been reached already.

May I suggest a couple of things when it comes to forum feature requests (or issues)?

  1. Discuss them among yourselves (mods) first
  2. If you realize you need help, you can contact us via email (Volker is the black-belt of ticket creation)
  3. Do not tag the @admin group, use the ticket creation approach as per step 2 instead. Reasons:
    • @admin currently includes Rae, for whom most of these topics might end up being just noise
    • It’s easier for us admin to handle requests that come in as tickets via the email address

If you need a translation towards Italian, let me know and I will handle it.


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