Accu wather installed secretly

Accuweather just secretly appeared as widget, eventhough I didn’t install it or did any update or anything.
It doesn’t appear in the list of apps, I cannot not drag and drop it into the trash, I have no idea, where it comes from and how to get rid of it.
Can you help me?

Are you using a custom launcher, an off-brand app store or some other shady 3rd party app? Those would be the usual suspects.

Wow, wouldn’t have known, that this is obviously a common problem for years. It is discussed at least since 2011
Searching something like unwanted apps installing on android leads to quite a lot of results.

I found this list of what to do on at least two pages:

As I lack the technical experience to judge the quality of those pages, I will not link to one of them. (E.g.: they are full of ads.) The same goes for the apps , they link to on those pages and that are meant to help you finding troublesome apps, removing them or preventing their installation. They might help or be the next infestation., as far as I know

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