Account Settings blocked?

I’d like to turn off the autocorrection as well as vibration when typing, but my phone doesn’t seem to register my wishes - functions were fairly easy to find in menu, but switching them on and off doesn’t have any effect. Turned my phone off and on already several times. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Autocorrection is set in Settings, Language & input, Gboard (If you use the Google keyboard) of Android Keyboard (ASOP). At Text correction you have to swich off several options (like Show suggestion strip, Next words suggestions etc.) and especially Auto-correction.

The vibration can be controlled at two places.
One place is in Settings, Sound & notification, Other sounds.
There switch off ‘Vibrate on touch’.
The second place is in Settings, Language & input, Gboard (or Android Keyboard (ASOP) , Preferences.
There switch off ‘Vibrate on keypress’


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