Acclimatize touchscreen

Why can I not acclimatize to the touchscreen?
I’m really happy with my fairphone (now for 3 months) but comparing to my old Samsung the touchscreen is very hard to use.
I have already downloaded a new keyboard with a bit bigger touch, Swiftkey, but I still find it very hard to get the right letters on the screen.
I do not have really big fingers so I don’t think thats the problem but after a couple of months I tought I get used to it, but not.

Out of the same issue with my impatient big fingers I’m mostly using MessageEase now.
Misstyping doesn’t happen anymore, but it took some time and discipline to get used to it. After about a month I typed faster on MessageEase than on the normal keyboard layouts. Sometimes though (mainly when using the app Duolingo) I switch to Android’s standard keyboard and use the swype technique on it.


This discussion might be relevant for you:

It’s not a problem just by making a message.
I think the touchscreen is just a horrible screen compared to a samsung. The touchscreen isn’t just working properly…
I’m really a fairphone lover but this is something I can not used to.
I don’t think its a problem from the phone, its working how it’s need to work. This is the max the phone can performa and that’s what’s really ****

I agree MessageEase is very comfortable, on my old Openmoko phone I used QWO which is a port of the Quikwriting algorithm, I was able to write very fast with it.
Recently I discovered a port for Android (QuikDroid) and I’m testing it and comparing with MessageEase which I currently use now.
QuikDroid is at an embryonic state (although I thank its author Richard Královič for his efforts) and I would like to add a bit of features and configurability, but I can do it in my spare time so I don’t have clear plans, I’ll let you know if you’re interested in :smile:

I don’t think there will be getting a solution here. It’s not that busy here.
Can Fairphone itself react on this topic.
I think the touchscreen is *** up. I don’t really want to go back to a samsumg, but probably i have to.
It’s not only the typing but al the functions on the phone that I sometime have to touch 2 or 4 times…

I did the selftest and that went really wel, how come?

I think there is a misunderstanding here. This forum is a community forum, which means, that it is lead by the community, e.g. users like you and me. The FP staff is not expected to chime in and give an official statement.

If you want an official statement, you need to contact support directly.

Everything is explained here:

Oke, thanks.
Than I suppose i am the only one with this ** touchscreen…