Accidentially hitting back button too often

Hello folks

Almost every time I write a text message, I accidentally hit the back button. This because the . key is close to that back button and I have a large thumb.

Is there any tweaker you can install which will force a confirmation dialog before exiting or even better, a tweak to change the minimal duration to press a button?

Thanks for any clues!

  • Michael
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I don’t know of any such tweaker but you could try out a different keyboard. There are many keyboard apps in different app stores, many of them can be tweaked to have larger buttons and such.
In settings > Language & Input you can change the keyboard you use - if you have more than one installed - and change it’s appearence a bit.
I had similiar problems with an installed Keyboard App. I always hit the home button when i wanted to do a space. Now I changed it back to the AOSP Keyboard and I don’t have the problems any more. Maybe you just have to find wich keyboard works best for you.

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Thanks but I think a different keyboard cannot be the solution here. Because the back button is a hardware button outside of the screen. A keyboard does not mess with hardware buttons.


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yeah but if your keyboard buttons are bigger or arranged differnetly they might not be so close to the back button.

alternatively you could always write in landscape mode…
thats all i got