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Good morning are the accessories of Fairphone4 interchangeable with those of Fairphone5 as size and shape?
I would like to buy a Fairphone5 but the flip case for now there is only for the 4

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Depends on how stretchy it is I guess. The dimensions are similar, but not the same. Afaik FP5 is a bit thinner than it’s predecessor, but a little larger in one of the other dimensions. So a tight-fit plastic case will probably not fit, but you might have some luck with fabric- or leather-based cases.

If I’m informed correctly, the dimension of FP4 are roughly 162 x 75.5 x 10.5 mm, whereas the FP5 specification gives 161.6 x 75.83 x 9.6 mm.


Not sure what you mean by a flip case but I cannot see any difference in cases for FP4 and FP5 in an official store.

However, in the topic on cases for FP4 there was a discussion about which apparently sells cases for FP4 and FP5 (the latter yet to appear) and the ones for FP4 have been successfully tested. Let me just link it here

I suppose a “flip case” is something that has a flippable book-like cover that covers the screen when closed. Something like this:

flipcase_1 flipcase_2

Do you mean visually? Because the diffeences are very small (<1mm in each dimension) indeed, but I guess if a hardcover-plastic case or fixation mechanism as in the second picture above is used, this may still be enough to cause the phone to wobble around or not fit at all. Of course I do not have any first hand experience with the FP5 as of yet, so it can only be an educated guess how bad this mismatch will be.

There are however some cases out there that use leather straps or more flexible materials to hold the device in place. So with those sort of cases I would be carefully optimistic that the FP4 cases also fit the FP5.


Not to forget the mics and it seems the one on the left moved up a bit.


Apologies for the lack of precision. What I meant is that I do not see any flip cases sold in an official fairphone store.

The only possibilities of getting a such would be from other vendors. If that is the path you want to take, I would personally advice to wait for FP5 dedicated ones.

Here, the flip case for fairphone 5 expected to be shipped in October

Edited to indicate it is already for FP5, as the link does not say it right


exactly this type of case

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Oh, that’s clever. They basically just take the standard FP5 case and tape the outer part of a leather/fabric flip-cover to it. This way minor differences do not matter at all. Nice! :smiley:

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So basically if you want to have it earlier, you should be able to simply purchase the original cover from FairPhone or some retailer and use the outer part of the FP4 cover. I see no reason why that wouldn’t work.

A new topic regarding how well the FP4 case goes together with the FP5 has just been posted by @urs_lesse. That should also be a pretty good point of reference for your question @ugone :

See: How good or bad a fit is the FP4 Protective Soft Case (**PSC4**) on the FP5?

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On a side note, Fairphone themselves "leaked" this FAIRPHONE 4 FLIP CASE to people who participated in their public 10th anniversary deal around one month ago. I guess everyone who participated got it, so I think it's not really a secret. People could upload their 10 favourite photos taken with their Fairphones and would get small prints of these for free. The back side of one of these printed cards showed this (click to see).

So far I only know what’s printed there:

Flip Case for Fairphone 4

• Available in Green
• From recycled materials
• Price: 50 Euros


Yep, here is the English version:

Expand to watch flyer


Wait, so you’ve got a voucher valid till 31st of August (which was yesterday) that gives you free shipping for those things, but they’re not available in the shop yet? Or did I mix something up here?

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The FP3 case is available for a few weeks, the FP4 flip case not. The flyer is still the only sign of its (planned) existence.

And, besides those, I assume that the voucher was valid for any product(s) purchase over €25.

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Ah, makes sense. I misunderstood the voucher code then I guess. :person_shrugging:

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I hope it is a proper thread to ask. While waiting for FP5, I consider various cases:

  • silicone, TPU or hard cases, like biowaves.

Could you please guide me what might be the most important differences between them?

Personally, I would happily choose a rugged, shockproof style but havent found any yet tailored to FP5.

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