Accessories: Car Navigation Holder

I have no idea (yet) about designing 3D-printable accessories. What does the community (and Fairphone) think, would it be possible to design a 3d-printable car navigation holder? Probably a few parts (the contact part to the windshield, some screws) can’t be printed. As all this cheap plastic things you can buy everywhere online do break usually very fast, I was thinking about a more durable solution. Preferably PLA, or the PLA/wood fiber mix which is used for the amplifier and nightstand accessories.

any comments?

My experience: smartphone-holders from here are quality-parts but not cheap.

I buy this Dual USB Car Cigarette Lighter Mount Holder Charger For Cellphone SmartPhone on e-bay. Not bad. USB charging cable don’t works with my FP2, but it works with others devices.