Accessing a phone with a broken screen

Hi all,
My screen was recently smashed on my FP2 by someone stepping on it. I ordered a new screen but it was DOA so I will have to resend it for a new one (I was surprised it wasn’t protected in bubble wrap on arrival or labelled as FRAGILE so it is perhaps no surprise). Is there any way I can access the screen (screen died in aeroplane mode and it’s impossible to access it in any way). I would in particular be hopeful to access the Whatsapp messages on it if at all possible.
I hope to find a solution that doesn’t mean having to buy a new phone and forgo the whole FP project I was once excited to embark on.
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Did you contact support or try to update the OS?

"We foresee two possible scenarios in which you might need to manually install a Fairphone OS on your device:

1. The update through the Fairphone updater app fails

2. Your new display stays black"


The phone is impossible to unlock in the first place as it is one big fuzzy mess so after startup I really don’t know what’s going on. I will be contacting Customer Services first thing tomorrow as it was only received at 7pm today. I just thought there would be some way to get the display on my computer screen at home so I could navigate the phone…

have the same problem and would appreciate an answer as well…

Did you contact support or try to update the OS?

"We foresee two possible scenarios in which you might need to manually install a Fairphone OS on your device:

1. The update through the Fairphone updater app fails

2. Your new display stays black"

Theoretically MyPhoneExplorer can do that, but practically that probably doesn’t help you much, because

  1. The MyPhoneExplorer Client App has to be installed on the phone.
  2. When you start this screen mirroring for the first time, you have to allow this via a requester on the phone, and you would have had to disable this requester for future use at this point (there’s a checkbox in the requester).

OK, so there is no way then… I am a bit disappointed with FP team tbh tho… I sent a customer support form two days ago and still there is no response… i desperately need a screen and i have no way to call them :frowning:

I haven’t understood well HOW broken your screen is. Can you still see anything? If only the touch function doesn’t work anymore, you can use a mouse via USB OTG cable.

no, you cant see anything at all apart from a few coloured lines and sometime the top of the screen… impossible to unlock or control in any way as it has a big slit across the whole screen :((

Hi, where in the world are you? Maybe you could find a fellow FP owner near you.

err in gibraltar far from everything and i dont really know any fp owners nearby… maybe i should just get a new phone and throw my fp in the bin but it sounds a bit defeatist/nihilistic :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t understand very well, but maybe this will be helpful: if I remember well, using TWRP you can access internal storage via MTP without the need of pressing anything on the screen.

About the broken screen and buying a phone: you own a phone that is made easy to repair, take advantages of this.

how can i use TWRP on Ubuntu or Mac? any ideas or step by step guide - especially for Ubuntu - would be really helpful…

I usually use Ubuntu.
You can find the image file here
You need to use fastboot: apt install android-tools-fastboot
Short guide: To install, boot your phone into the bootloader (Power+Vol down), run fastboot flash recovery <filename.img>, reboot into recovery.
Long guide: ✏ Using TWRP on the Fairphone 2

You can even use TWRP without flashing it:

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Thank you, as I can spend only 15€/day (i.e. after ALL my necessities have been paid for) and reading too many “bad” after-sales issues, I give up wanting to buy a fair phone.
A smartphone doesn’t only have to be FAIR (ethical, durable etc.), the SERVICE too (respect for there customers) is a full essential part to me.
So dream closed

I fully understand your decision, as the Fairphone at least until now had it’s teething troubles.
A forum like this one increases the impression quite a lot, as you naturally get people posting when they run into problems. Those for whom the phone is working fine, rarely see the need to attend such a forum.
Besides that, this forum is “crowded” by tech savvy folks, discussing alternative OSs, installation troubles, unix, fastboot, adb, twrp and the like.
That might raise fears, that you have to be a programmer to get the phone running smoothly.

I can assure you, that that’s not the case. My phone is running fine in general (me not being a power user, but primarily using it as a phone) and I bet on it, that the FP2 next generation has eliminated most of those teething troubles and will be having less problems.
The support - so do I hope at least - will be better as well, as the storage of spare parts should be stuffed in time with the delivery of the new phones.

So, do not close the dream, but maybe postpone it. :wink:

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It’s just fear which make me hesitate.

And above all: I just need a GSM (a mobile phone) and a lot of alarms (which I can program by day or by week).
All else, like mail and internet, isn’t necessary for me.

So a big “THANK YOU” for your sharing!

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You’re welcome.
And, hey, it seems we do share the same user profile.
All my alarms, from the clock to wake me up to the calendar reminding me of my every appointment are handled by my FP. That’s even the most important feature to me besides calling.

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