Accessibility - Flash on Ring

Hello; this is a fairly trivial question, but I’m not having much luck with it so far.
My previous phone had an option to blink the flashlight for calls or texts, which I found useful at home because I’m often in noise-cancelling headphones. I haven’t been able to find that on this one yet, though. A general Android guide pointed me towards a setting that just wasn’t there on mine.
Am I missing something obvious? I can download an additional app for this, but would rather avoid that if there’s already something here.
Thanks much.

The Fairphone 4 and 5 have no led. That’s why you don’t see a flash.
There are apps that can turn on your flashlight when receiving a call or sms.


Thank you. It was the flashlight option I was looking for; helpful to know that I’m not missing a built-in setting somewhere.

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