Access to SD Card

How do I access things on my SD card (e.g. pictures)? I cannot find them anywhere in Amaze. The files are visible in Windows Explorer when I connect to my PC with a USB cable.

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Same for me with my Micro SD XC 128 GB for FP2. I’ve tried like everything (formating in different formats, reboots, cleaning, …). I also would be glad about some trouble shooting!

Maybe this is the soution:

Hi again, I helped myself, maybe that works for your too. Here is my solution:

  1. Insert your SD card
  2. Go to settings “storage” and scroll down to SD card
  3. Tip on “delete SD card” (or something, I don’t know how it is called in English)
  4. Connect SD to computer and synchronise all data you would like to have on it

At least in my case that worked. Of course, all data is lost if you delete the SD storage. But somehow it got transformed into another data system, which is readable for the phone.

I hope it workes for you too!



Thanks both of you. I tried your suggestion Goody and it worked!! Thanks again!

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