Access to photos from storage

Hi, I made a mistake and deleted the media storage - therefore I can´t find the photos in the gallery anymore.
However, if I check the storage I see that there are still 7GB used for photos. Does anybody know how I get access to them again?

I suggest you use a file manager like Amaze or ES File Explorer to search the directories on your phone.

Have you checked the DCIM folder? (Use the “File Manager” app to browse your storage)

great, I found the photos in the DCIM folder - thank you very much. do you know how I can get them back into the galery? and do you have an idea why the cable connection to the PC is not working?

There are two possibilities.

  1. Is your cable a four threaded Data cable or a two threaded charging cable?
  2. When you connect to the computer you have to change the Fairphone from charging to MTP.
    Open the notification panel on your phone, select USB connection and in there select “MTP” mode.
    Have a read here, how to connect your Fairphone to a computer.

Well, you would need to add a bit more detail like has the cable connection ever worked for data transfer? Was there anything different now? Have you tried to restart both the FP1 and the computer before you connected the cable again?

The gallery might need to “read” the photos anew, perhaps that might happen after a restart (but might take some time!).

If restarting does not work, go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Gallery and “Clear Cache”.

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hi, I don´t know whether it´s a four or a two threaded cable. The notification panel is not showing anything about the USB connection.

thank you, worked perfectly this way

If the notification panel is not showing, then it’s not a four threaded cable.
Go to a computershop and ask for a data cable. If they allow it, try the cable in the shop on a computer.

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I tried also other cables, but no one works. can I use WLAN to save all folders in a cloud? I have google drive, but it´s not possible to select the folders

In the file explorer Amaze you can start a FTP server and then use a browser on your PC to navigate to the address that is shown in Amaze:

(might be different in your case of course)

PS.: Your devices must be connected to the same WiFi network.

thank you. Which shortcut can I use to copy all files to my pc?

Out of the box that’s not possible, AFAIK. You can install the FireFTP add-on for Firefox (my FireFTP settings are Passive Mode and you need to login as Anonymous).

Alternatively, if you use Windows 10 (might work with lower versions too), you can add a network address to your Explorer. Simply open Explorer, right-click on “This PC” and choose “Add network address”. The wizard will guide you through the process (enter the ftp-address that Amaze displays).

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