Access to apps on sd card not possible with android 6

Hello comunity! It’s my first post in the forum. Please sorry for my bad english and for my ignorance. It’s my first smartphone.
I don’t now if is rooted or without root. The only thing I know is that before update to Android 6, I couldn’t personalize the sound notifications in my whatsapp contacts, and now I can’t acces to the sounds. So I can’t change it.
When I connected the phone to my computer (GNU/Linux) through USB I did not see any more folders or files, and only can see this “mtp://[usb:001,005]/”.
I need to acces to the files bau I don’t know what I have to change in the phone configuration.
Please, I repeat, sorry for my ignorance.

Hi myself!
I found the solution to one of the problems.
But when I connect my phone to te PC over USB don’t appear the notification saying “Connected for charging”. What can I do to see that notification?


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Sorry for the inconvenience. I found the message when I connect to an PC with window$.
I’ve changed the option.
Then I’ve connected to my GNU/Linux PC. The message appear again. Change the option. It’s allright.
Why? I don’t know.
The other problem is solved too. I’ve personalized the sound notifications in my whatsapp contacts.
Now everything works fine.
Thanks for your patience.

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Thanks @borjan and sorry for hijacking the thread. Maybe my question and related answers should be moved under a new Android 6.0 topic, e.g. “New SD-card options portable/internal storage”?

Hi Seikusa, have you found a solution to get access to your podcast files on the sd card?
After updating to Android 6 yesterday my podcast app (AntennaPod) doesn’t find the external storage anymore.
I have chosen “portable storage”.

I just choose the new naming and redownloaded the files.

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I chose “portable storage” (thank god!) but SD card doesn’t have write permission anymore… so my photos can’t be stored on it neither Titanium backup… Next App SD card fix application doesn’t fix the problem…

Any suggestions?

Help please!!!:scream:
I updated to Android 6.0 today. Prior to that I moved some apps to the sd card for backup.
Now I can not find the apps on the sd card anymore but there is a folder called .android_secure which contains files ending with .asec. Are these files related to my missing apps?
How can I open it? One app (ColorNote) contains very important information I really need back. Hope for help. Thanx.

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