Access GooglePlayStore under KolaNut

I am Georg an a FP-user since last Christmas. Coming from the iPhone4, I struggle hard with all the little bugs. But hey, it is fair and this is what counts more than enything for me.
I installed Kola Nut today (and yesterday, but somehow it wanted to do it again today). Now I cannot find the GooglePlayStore anymore. I have read in this Forum and on the offical FP-page, that it is now inside the Fairphone Updater. But when I open it, it tells me that I have the newest Kola Nut version. nothing more to do there.
Where can I get new apps - I need some for work.


Is there an “Enter Advanced Mode” button at the bottom? If you tap it, you should get three options: Android for Fairphone, Stock Android, and App Stores. Tap App Stores, there you should find Google Apps. Tap it, and it should install. button. Just “Dein Betriebssystem ist auf dem neuesten Stand”.
It actually says that it finds no WiFi. But I need to access the Store without WiFi as well, I rarely use Wifi. :frowning:

At the bottom there is always a button.
In german: “Betrete den fortgeschrittenen modus”

If you click on it, you see

Under App stores you are able to install Goggle apps.

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The Fairphone Updater app works on a wifi connection only! So you will need this for reinstalling the play store, just as you needed it for the update to 1.8.5.

When installed, however, you will have access to the store also with a mobile data connection (3G).


thanks!!! i will go searching a wifi now. :smiley:

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