Accesibility menu is disappearing and deactivated

I recently got a Fairphone 5 and I really like it.
But I have a problem with the accessibility menu. This is the menu that is freely placed on the edge of the display and with which you can control various functions such as the screen lock, audio etc. with one click.
When I have activated it, it always disappears after a certain time if the screen has been locked and you unlock the Fairphone. The function also deactivates itself in the settings?!
So far, this function has worked without any problems on all my smartphones.

Does this problem also occur with others? Is it a bug? Where can I report something like this to Fairphone? It is really annoying. I urgently need this function.

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Hi and welcome, i dont think I ever used that, as dont even understand what this is. So how is this activated?

Official reports to Fairphone have to go through support. How to see here contactsupport

I tried to replicate this, but the green menu circle stayed where it was after having not touched the phone for about 90 minutes and also after a restart. So, no idea… maybe some other app on your phone is killing it? But of course you can report this to Fairphone via

Maybe it’s an app which gets ‘battery optimized’ away…
You could try to set the app ‘Android Accessibility Suite’ to Unrestricted instead of Optimized, maybe that will help keep it alive.

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