About the Lineage Category About Post (and the future of dev category?)

Making? Should the lineage topics from dev be moved too?

Yeah, good question… maybe not…

On the other hand, I want to be conservative with the amount of categories. So maybe all ‘making’ topics should be in #software:alternative-oses anyway, and the ones about LineageOS in #software:alt-lineageos

And then remove the dev category…

What do you think?

By the way, we can also have this discussion in #meta and have others join in.

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Well there are som dev topics that are not about alternative OSes, they wouldn’t really fit anywehere else.

Agreed. They evidently should be kept in the seperate and fitting dec category.
Yet, as long as dev concerns an OS it should be moved there, as I already mentioned with regard to LineageOS. That way you find what you are looking for in one place, as - in my opinion - it is more likely to look for the OS you are working on, than in the special dev category. And when you are developing on behalf of an OS, this should be next to the complaints about bugs and the discussions of workarounds, that make development necessary. Of course I might have got it wrong, as I am not a developer.

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Dev category makes sense in my opinion. I think XDA handles this similarly. It prevents thousands of used questions to flood the dev threads (or it is suppose to do that, I guess).

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