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Hello all,

I have a doubt: in the past I made a mistake. When I put the sdcard in my fariphone (Lineage OS) there were two options: to have it as an external drive, or to have it as an internal (?) drive. I do not remember the exact names of the options. But the thing is I got the “internal” drive, and I’d like to change to the external drive. But first I guess I should get everything relevant (apps and so on) to the internal drive of my fairphone before I can format my sdcard to select it as “external” drive.

So how can I do this the safest way??

Thank you!

I don’t have a Fairphone 2 to check the exact steps, but here’s the general approach in brief:

  • Backup any data you want to keep to an external device. Apps can always be reinstalled if something goes wrong, but remember to check for any other files that you’ve stored there.
  • Look for storage settings; Usually (but may have changed) Settings > Storage (&USB) > Internal (or Phone) storage. Make sure you’re not storing more than fits into the internal memory of the Fairphone (~25 Gb).
  • There should be an option to migrate data in the same settings section. It’s somewhere in a submenu: look for three dots to open it. Migrate all data into internal storage - there should also be an indication that space is being freed up on the SD. You don’t want to accidentally go the other way.
  • With all the data migrated, you can reformat the SD card as portable storage.

Apologies if the menu locations are different - in that case hopefully someone using adoptable storage can tell us where to look!


I did the following:

  • First I passed all apps to internal storage

  • Second, back up to my laptop

  • Third, formatting as external storage.

However I am having trouble with storage. The previous storage (I think) was named “sdcard”, and the new one “sdcard1”. Now some apps cannot find the correct path. Whatsapp says it cannot find any internal storage…

WhatsApp is a problem on that behalf. It can not use the SD card except on rooted phones. There’s already a thread about this. As I am on my mobile = FP2 right now, I must ask you to do the search yourself (whatsapp should be ebough)

Sitting in my office now, I have done a fast search and the problem with WhatsApp and storing on the SD-card is discussed here:


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