about how to pay the mobile

Hello everyone, I would like to buy the mobile but I don’t know if it can be paid in installments, do you know anything about this?
thank you

Perhaps there is an provider in the country you live who offers a contract with monthly payments.
In which country do you live?


Thank you! I live in England

Perhaps @amoun can tell which provider sells the Fairphone in England.


On the Fairphone site there is a reseller page: Where to buy Fairphone products | Fairphone

From what I can tell, VirginMedia sells the Fairphone 4 für 24 quid per month.


Hi I added The Phone Co-op do to the list but that was last November,

Still seems to be available, here’s one

By the way, are you resident in the South West? and welcome to the forum.


This is not directly answering your pay-by-instalment question, but is perhaps useful to be aware of: Whilst the FairPhone site does list bank transfers (wiring money) as a payment option, the list of where they accept wires from is obsolete / wrong. As one example, they do not list most EU countries, albeit they do accept all(? most?) SEPA wires (EU ≠ SEPA). This is an alternative when, e.g., an on-line Credit Card transaction is not viable. Depending on your bank it may be more awkward, but is (typically) quite fast.