A13: Low battery warning no longer adjustable?

Hi folks,
with A11 I was able to change the trigger point for the “battery low” warning from in my case 20% down to 15%. With A13 I cannot find that setting anymore - has Google removed it? Now my LED starts blinking too early for my taste…
The popup on the screen asking me to activate energy save mode (which I never do) seems to be possible to disable. I found two ways that achieve that (yet to be verified if they really work):

  • Go to notifications history, find the latest battery notification, tap and hold → The “Battery” app(?) opens and you can adjust notifications there.
  • Second: Go to Apps, show all Apps, top right three dots “show System apps”, find “System UI”, find Battery and adjust notifications there.
    Both get you to the same settings.

was this really adjustable or just different? I dont care at all, I just remove the notification and thats it.

It was adjustable. I do not remember how it looked, but I remember actively setting it to 15%.

Isn’t it what is called *battery saver * ? If so, it still is present in Android 13.

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That’s still there, but I cannot find any setting to adjust the charging point where it notifies me… can you?

Yes, you can press on set a schedule


Thanks, but that’s not what I was looking for. This will activate the battery saver at X % - I want to configure when I get a “battery low” warning (blinking LED). I do not use the batter saver, and I’ve no reason to do so. The blinking LED however is a good reminder to charge the phone asap. But for me, 15% is good enough - 15% last me half a day or more.

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The led blinks when the battery percentage reaches the level set in the battery saver.


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