A open letter to Fairphone,

A open letter to Fairphone,
Dear Fairphone Team. Since this Journey started im a proud owner of Fairphones and still believe in what your goals are.
The work you have done is inspiring. Fair Gold, Tantalum and Cobalt. Fair produced electronics. I now have to tell you my story with a aim at hope, not complain.
I was enthusiastic when i received my FP1, but soon had to regret that it was not able to hit my needs of a phone. I sold it. Years later than, I run the new founding of FP2 and tested the FP2 with the same emotions i did when unwrapping the first. What happened was a nightmare.
The phone software that got shipped was pre-alpha, with bugs like not responding Touch, Calls i wasn’t able to make nor receive, because of a proximity sensor that wasn’t working right and bad Batterie life.
But i stayed patient and try to help with replaying and bug-testing. I thought soon, soon, soon it would be fixed so i and told my Friends. Today i had to realize that i was hoping throughout a whole year that at least the main functions of a phone will be working soon.
But its not the case. I still have a device that doesn’t fulfill the one most valuable condition i expect from a phone. - A relaxed chat with my pa.
And to me the hardest part on the whole thing is, that i wold never recommend any friend to buy this phone anymore. Don’t understand me wrong, the last i wan’t is to discourage the Team or harm Fairphone. Software is the blocking feature of everything today and that i was able to learn only because of this deep look insight. So it comes that it has a bright side for my life as well.
Fairphone takes that huge burden to lower ethical threads and rise ecological thoughts though out the whole World, and i thank Fairphone for this.
Now please, before you go on to a new device called FP3, take a deep breath and think first who will use your device and provide a useful entity for it. Recall who is your customer and your community, think about what Information you are providing to journals or press before informing your base and what they think if the hope of a modular replacement gets undermined. Even if Fairphone don’t like to be seen so, in the end you are selling a commercial electronic thing that aims to solve one problem: communication.

To me this Project has lost his roots, and i have to stop here investing time. That makes me sad.

Sincerely, Novski


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