A new topic per event/meetup? (Improving calendar and map)

Thanks. That’s for the booth on Thursday though. I wonder if we shouldn’t indeed open new topics for each event/meetup… :thinking:

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I think that was the idea in the beginning.

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That will make maintaining events on the #communitymap a lot easier (i.e. automatic), as talked in https://github.com/WeAreFairphone/fprsmap/issues/82

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I will not. If that means Aachen events don’t show in the map anymore, I am ok with that.

Okay, did it now for the upcoming #austrianfairphoners events.

PS.: You can also RSVP for the #efct18 now. :smiley:

Oh, I was wrong. It’d be irrelevant whether there are multiple topics or just one, as far as they have valid event data. The only limitation to your flow will be that the map is not going to be able to show future/repetitive events because there’s just a single source of info.


Yeah, with the lunch and the Fairness Run coming up, this is the only way that both show up anywhere (be it the forum’s calendar or the map - for the latter we still need the location plugin though).

Edit: So when we have implemented this, everything that’s on the calendar and has a location will also show up in the map.

Edit2: @merci Unfortunately recurring events are not yet implemented in the plugin, but when they are that would be a perfect fit for the regular Munich meetups. Until then there would have to be multiple topics if you want more than one meetup appear in the calendar.


For now, I will keep the next meetup only because I think that creating new topics all the time will end in chaos :wink:

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