A new milestone in fairer electronics: Introducing Fairphone 3+

Technically (without taking into account the importance of recycled materials and better working conditions), the FP3 with the new cameras modules is EXACTLY the same as the FP3+. Same core module, same battery, same bottom modules. Just not the same backcover (I prefer the transparent one) and no bumper included, sadly.


On the new camera module’s compatibility with the (“old”) Fairphone 3: It works with the upcoming Fairphone OS Android 10, so if you would put the new module into an old Fairphone 3 today, it would not work. But this is a purely hypothetical problem, as the new camera module won’t be delivered before 14 September and Android 10 is planned to be rolled out to all (including “old”) Fairphone 3 users from 7 September.


Also Vodafone users? :stuck_out_tongue:


Calling it 3+ makes itsound like a larger model. It’s more the current model with a new camera and no letters to fall off the back!


True. I agree it’s quite confusing.

I wonder how this’ll work with /e/

I’m hoping those of us on /e/ will get an Android 10 update either at the same time as normal FPOS or shortly afterwards, so we can use the upgraded modules

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Wayne Huang said the e foundation team was currently working on making the modules compatible with /e/OS. Though I don’t think you necessarily need androidd 10 for the modules to work.


Just one more confirmation for compatibility of modules:

The Camera+ module works both as a spare part for the Fairphone 3+, as well as an upgrade for the Fairphone 3.


Amazing, thank you!
I had missed that part

This is really cool honestly, says a lot that the only thing I don’t like is that the new back case doesnt seem to be translucent like the old one and I liked peering into the phone. Super impressed with the Fairphone team.


I understand from an aesthetic point of vue, but translucent cases are often less solid and contain less recycled plastics. Using recycled plastics makes it more difficult to do a translucent one (if I understand correctly).


Congratulations with this milestone and keep up the good work. The progress in the recycled materials and the upgrade-able modules is exactly why I purchased two Fairphone 3 devices.


The camera race is an awkward one, I remember when there was an actual megapixel race but then they reversed the strategy, better bigger sensors, better bigger lenses etc. and then google came with their software enhanced quality which I might add is absolutely fantastic. If only fairphone could somehow acquire google’s proprietary camera technology the FP3 would become far more popular.

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If Fairphone decided to owe even more to Google I for one would leave Fairphone.
I still consider a bit shocking that they abandoned OpenOS, and my only question for FP3+ is, when will I be able to buy it with /e/OS preinstalled…

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You can on the e-foundation website.

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Not the + version … yet.


All is in the “yet”.

The +version is even in the Fairphone shop not available but in a pre-order status. :wink:

I don’t feel like the Fairphone 3+ has been marketed very well.
When I first saw it, it sounded like they’d released a new phone (3+ sounds like a new model number)… but wait, it looks exactly the same as their previous one.

The only obvious difference is the camera specifications. So… is this just releasing the same phone with one upgraded module? Because you would have thought the messaging would have been more along the lines of “we’re releasing a new camera model to extend the life of the Fairphone 3” if that was the case.

Perhaps there’s something I’m missing. But if I haven’t been able to find it then I think it likely that many others won’t either. If I’m confused by a cursory glance at this new product, I’m sure other people will be too.

I want Fairphone to do well. So I’m writing this in the hopes that they can step up their game a little.

I thought Fairphone’s whole sha-bang was trying to do things differently from traditional smartphone manufacturers. So why are they moving more in line with releasing what could be seen as a brand new phone with incremental improvements, just like every other company? Why not tout, hey, if you buy a phone from us you can expect upgrades to modules that will be cheaper and more sustainable than buying a whole new phone?

C’mon, Fairphone, you can do better than this!

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Please give links to the sources from which you got your confusion and negative impression about Fairphone’s messaging regarding the Fairphone 3+.

Because I think this clearly can’t come from the blog post (= the first post in this topic), or the social media snippets they put out there, or the online reviews I saw until now (which seem to “get it”).