A new FP2 Camera module with 'InVisage-Quantum' camera sensor?

In November last year at the german c’t-magazine a new foto sensor for smartphones is described:

If it is all true, what is said at this articel, I would wish to get a camera with this sensor for the FP2. When I ordered my FP2, I hesitated very much to do so because of the quite poor performance, the c’t-magazine figured out at the FP2 camera test. So I hope very much, that there comes a new, much better camera module for the FP2. And it would be great, if it could be a ‘Invisage-Quantum’ one! Than the FP2 could be on top in camera quality, which it isn’t in the moment at all. Wouldn’t that be great?!!!

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It depends if it will be compatible with the Snapdragon 801. But if – that would really great. On the other hand, the name Qunatum sounds a bit like overkill. How good the thing will be in the end? I guess we have to wait … it’s like waiting for the D500 all over again :slight_smile:

Here is an English article similar to the German one @Heiner posted.

The sensor is called Quantum13. Maybe someone could ask invisage if the 801 is powerful/“licensed” enough to deal with the Q13?


This is the video created using it (not sure about the post processing)

A pretty good interview that also takes about invisage abit (but more about low light film) is this one with Emmanuel Lubezki! It’s a pretty nice read. But not so much about cell phones :wink:

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