A never-ending repair story (USB connector FP1)

I should update Amaze then…! :grin: And rewrite the wiki…

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I think that my proximity sensor also got roasted during the repair. SatStat doesn’t display any output in the field distance (cm), before it was either 0 or 1. Now the screen doesn’t turn dark, when I do a call. I will have to use my power button from now on to turn off the screen during a call… :confused:

Hi…i am a new user here. As you was told a new generic usb connector did not fit the place where it should, hence to this it was generic not FP specific. Probably they have no original FP1 usb connector at hand. Using the old one may work if it´s not completely broken, but of course when the main pcb is broken there you seem to be out of options. With this knowledge that it may have been not properly mounted at production you may get back to FP and try to agree on a discount on a new FP2.

Here you can find two alternative magnetic USB cables:

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A new chapter in this story: 9 months later the USB connector got loose again, but they agreed to resolder it under warranty. (They have a 1-year-warranty on repairs policy.) Still hoping to reach Jan 2018 with this phone! :wink:


I’m in the same situation, :cry: my FP1 cannot charge, it is able only when I put the cable in some, strange, position… but I hope that I’ll be luckly :sweat_smile: and I can fix it with soldering the usb connectors or cleaning the connector with alchool isopropylic.

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