A message from our CEO Eva Gouwens

Originally published at: https://www.fairphone.com/en/2020/03/25/a-message-from-our-ceo/

In these tense and uncertain times, I want to extend warm wishes to each of you in the Fairphone community.

Every day, the situation evolves, and so many of the things we once took for granted have now been put on hold. But even as this coronavirus spreads across the world, it’s never been clearer: we are all in this together.

As Fairphone’s CEO, I want to update you directly on some challenges we’re facing and the measures we’re taking. Our main priority has, of course, been the safety of our staff, family, business partners and community. We are following all recommended guidelines, have closed our office, and are working from home for as long as necessary.

Like so many of you, we’re now doing our best to conduct business as usual, despite the circumstances. We have plenty of the Fairphone 3 in stock and available in our webshop. Many of our national partners also have stock available in their online stores. That being said, we do expect to face delivery delays with our shipping partners, as restrictions around Europe continue to fluctuate. We anticipate having slower sales over the coming months as the situation develops and our retail partners close their physical store locations.

Our main repair center in France is currently closed. Any Fairphones that hadn’t yet been processed are being carefully stored until it is safe for the center to reopen. However, our customer support team is fully operational and if you have any questions about your phone or a recent order, they are happy to help you.

As we adjust to this strange new reality, I am so deeply grateful for our Fairphone community. Over the years, you have stood by our side, cheered us on, and helped us overcome some serious challenges. I can’t say “thank you” enough! In these trying times, we must support each other as we always have, and find resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Continue to hope. Stay connected to one another. Stay strong. Stay safe.


Everyone please note that Customer Support by phone currently operates from 13:00 to 17:30 CET only.


Thanks for this message.
I hope, everyone at Fairphone is doing fine and staying healthy.

Shouldn’t you post a link to this blog-post prominently on your homepage / in the shop as well, so customers know what to expect? Because I didn’t such.

I guess the customers having a support case are being informed, that the french facility is closed.

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I guess these measures are due to the current “online-only” availability situation:

  • Fairphone has increased the incentives for the recycling program: A Fairphone 1 or 2 now gives you a 75 € (65 £) cashback (was: 40 €) when buying a Fairphone 3 in the Fairphone Shop. The small print reveals that this new policy came into effect on 13 March and that the program still expires on 31 March 2020.

  • Free delivery from an order total of 475 €.

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Seems to be back to 9:30 to 17:30 (accessible again from tuesday 14 April 2020).

The Repair Centre in France seems to be not closed altogether, but running on a very limited capacity only:

UPDATE 01 May 2020: Recycling cashback program extended to 31 May 2020.

Sorry, I wasn’t allowed a third consecutive reply, that’s why I’m smuggling it in here instead :wink:


all shop closed now? no answer on mail or phone or whatever May 6.

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