A loud click to hear

If I change to another program oder open or close my Fairphone there is a quite loud “click” to hear. I never had this on my old Smartphones (and I think it has become louder in the last weeks …).
So I ask: Is this normal? Or does it lead to a shorter durability of my Fairphone, which I fear? Or is it another problem you know about already and I have to fix it?

Thanks for recommendations and help,

Are you maybe talking about touch/screen lock sounds?
You can turn them off in settings > audio profiles > click the symbal beside general and under system you can turn off “dial pad touch tones” “touch sounds” “screen lock sounds” and “vibrate on touch”.
maybe it got louder in the last weeks after you changed the system volume?
if its not that it could be an app that makes the sounds or its really a hardware problem (maybe the screen is loose?)
thats all i can think of

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Thank you, Paul!

yes, apparently only the touch/screen lock sound was my problem. I never realized I have this option.
How great not only to have a at least partly fair phone, but a great community willing to help.

Best, Linde

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