A couple of little probably basic questions (notifications & LED colour)

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welcome to the world of smartphones! I’ll try to help you out :smile:

I was quite slow with my answer, but some additions to @kgha’s and @humorkritik’s answers:

2 (Edit: Aw crap I was really super slow! pretty much same as what @van said :smile: )
Go to your app in question, to the settings and then notification settings. With the standard text messaging app: open the app, press the menu button of your fairphone (bottom left), Go to settings/Notifications/Ringtone.
Same goes for the Gmail app, go to the settings, then look for notification settings. This applies to all messaging/mail apps. As far as I know you don’t need a new app to get different ringtones.

3 Again, if you don’t want a new app to change the LED light, check your apps notifications settings first. In some messaging apps (Whats App, Facebook Messenger) you can go set your preferred color there as well.

4 Again, some apps allow you to personalize this a bit. Like in the settings of your standard text messaging app or WhatsApp you can say you want new messages to be displayed as popups. Also an app to get notifications on your lock screen: DashClock.

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Actually your answer came literally at the same time of mine (we should look at the photo finish), but considering I only addressed one point and you did three, you did pretty fine. :wink:

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Yep, did that. The menu structure of GB (and XPrivacy as well…) is a usability mess. Clearly, no “big player” with a customer research unit is behind this product… :sigh:

However, it seems to be hidden in “Ultimate notification control” (a “premium” feature). I vaguely remember buying the ‘unlocker’ key via the play store, but I might be wrong. Maybe it wasn’t a premium feature before? Could anyone please confirm?

Bottom line: I don’t have “Ultimate notification control” now, after a full restore from TitaniumBackup, but my notifications are still happily blinking in red, blue, and green depending if it’s TextSecure, Threema, or twitter.

Thanks, that explains it. ‘Ultimate notifcation control’ requires the unlocker app ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ceco.gravitybox.unlocker&hl=en ). Will think about that…

Hello @siobhan1,

This point is one of the great differences between iOS and Android. In iOS you can configure everything in one place, at your global settings. At Androidt every App has its own settings so you have to configure most things at the affected App itself.

The sounds you configure at the Audio profiles at your general settings are just binding for some default Apps of your System, third party Apps may use them as orientation but they also can use completely other sounds. So depending of the mail App of your choice it will use the default sound or one you have to specify at the App.

For this issue you might have a look at DashClock and its Plugins.


Did you find anything if it did not, at some point? I’m truly puzzled that I don’t have it now, but must have had access before. What the hell…

Can’t find anything in the GB menu that has to do with LED colour. Maybe you can just reinstall the unlocker app? If you still have access to PlayStore it should be easy - since you already paid for it you should be able to re-install it for free.
I have a paid version of ‘Documents to Go’ - after repartitioning and re-installing from my backup the app was there but the ‘key’ didn’t follow suit (so I got ad banners all over). But I could reinstall the key from PlayStore, Google remembered that I had paid for it.

Excellent! its all coming together now :slight_smile:

This is basically the major number 1 reason i was getting so confused, but all making sense now basically to configure settings you go to app and press left button on phone and then bam settings pops up and you play around there. Thank you so much all of you

(Sorry @siobhan1 to snatch your thread, BTW.)

It does not show up in the “My Apps” section. (FTR: I don’t have a paypal account, so I must either have purchased it via Google, or never bought it.) But I also cannot find any other option to change the LED colour, nor any mention that this had, at one time, been a non-premium feature. Did you?

[Edith says I should mention that Titanium Backup ‘remembered’ I had the Pro key, and behaved accordingly upon re-install after the Cherry/1.6 repartitioning wipe.]

@siobhan1: I join humorkritik in his excuse for hijacking your thread and adding to the confusion of the Android world :wink:

@humorkritik - it seems as if basic GB never has offered the option to adjust LED colour, see http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=49062033&postcount=1825

its all good; im pretty certain im not going to dabble in the gravity box app if ive only just figured out how to use the basics of my phone :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Thank you. I’ve followed your recommendation and I’m using Light Flow. I like it a lot. It’s nice and simple.
  • A tip to anyone else who wants to use Light Flow with Fairphone: Under “Device settings and root” I’ve checked “Direct mode” and unchecked the rest, otherwise you get constant annoying pop op messages on screen with “root access given to light flow”

Does anyone know which colours are possible with the Fairphone’s LED? It seems that not all colours are supported, e.g. violet.

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I’ve been able to set up green, red, dark blue, light blue, and a strange white that’s like all colours at the same time.

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I’m adding @Jacky and @humorkritik to discuss the light notifications here.

What I found is that if you choose a colour, which the FP’s LED can’t show, it turns out red.

I think @Stefan is right, and I noticed the same about violet. I didn’t even manage to get different shades of blue, and I vaguely remember that when I tried white, I also ended up with red again. However, red, blue and green were more or less ok for me. :slight_smile:

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@Roser_Blasco, could you post the hex codes for the colours you achieved? (If you used GravityBox, that should be easy: you can see the hex code in the colour picker).

I my case, something is at odds with the hex codes: #f00ffa2 gives me a green :green_heart: - and #ff009bff also gives me a green :green_apple:. WTF?

A lot of other settings, like yellow colours etc., also don’t translate to any of the LEDs actual colours. Currently, it’s guesswork how I can achieve something else then green :evergreen_tree: and red :red_circle: . I had blue, once, but after a reset I had to change my settings again. Now, blue is gone. :large_blue_circle:

Blue should be #0000ff (I was just trying this out with LED Color Tester).

I also cannot achieve the following…: :frowning:

You can find a follow-up discussion here: