A collection of non-free (as in freedom) Software preinstalled on the Fairphone 1(U) and possible alternatives

Actually i am pretty sure there is no dual sim support in AOSP.

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For dual sim see below: I think there is no dual sim support in AOSP. The Camera App looks different, it might be that Mediatek released the source but i do not know. Strangely my Emulator does not have the Email app :confused:.

Fortunately email is easy, there’s the K-9 Mail app in F-droid & it’s doing a really good job.


There isn’t any navigation or map software on the phone out of the box.

But I’ve successfully installed OsmAnd~ from F-droid, and it works fine with the SatStat program for GPS data. It works fine here in Denmark, but I only have map data for Denmark, I suppose it would be good to test it for bigger countries too. It’s based on OpenStreetMap.


Works great in Germany, too.


Continuing the discussion from Alternative Apps(tores): Living without Google:

[quote=“ben, post:23, topic:535”]
I was suprised, i do not think there are GApps preinstalled, which apps to you speak of?[/quote]

Yeah. Sorry, misunderstanding.^^
I thought the EMail app etc. where GApps but as this thread here makes clear they are modified by Mediatek or Kwamecorp.

I made a bugreport (logcat+dumpsys+dumpstate) and it shows Google in 20 lines (kernel compiler, System Updater, some sensors …) but Mediatek in 1348 lines (of 41633). But Kwame is nowhere mentioned. fairp[hone] is only mentioned in 512 lines …


I am under the impression that TextSecure replaces the Messages app; can anyone comment on that?
(However, I wasn’t bold enough to try to delete the original app via Titanium Backup.)

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Used it in a couple of countries in Europe so far. Works. Best thing about it is that it’s working offline. Siedenote: I recently tried out GoogleMaps on the FP, and it’s unbelievably easier to use. The search functions of OSMAnd~ are terrible in comparison. If you want to look up something quickly (so to say, on the fly :wink: ), the GMaps app is the way to go. If you just want a map+routing, OSMAnd~ is great.

Yes, it can, but i do not know if you can remove the messages app and TextSecure still works.
Note: TextSecure has no dual sim support!


I didn’t notice, since I’m again only using one. Really good to know! (Slightly OT: any idea where to drop a feature request for dual-sim support?)

I can probably try out what happens if I remove the messages app, since my phone is somehow crippled at the moment, anyway. Repartitioning seem to have caused quite a lot of mishap, in my case. :frowning: Going to open a thread on that elsewhere…

Camera: Open Camera (OpenSource and free of charge): http://opencamera.sourceforge.net/
Also in PlayStore.
I’m trying it out right now and it seems slightly better than FP’s default camera app - jpg compression can be reduced a bit, and it has manual focus and macro options.


Anyone knows about an alternative for the google search bar widget ? Duckduckgogo doesn’t perform any in phone search (contacts, mails, apps, …). Everythingme offers a great alternative, but not free, and I would like to find a stand-alone in-phone search widget.

I’ve seen there is Quickdroid which seems to provide a phone-wide searching of music, contacts, apps etc., but not web searches.
If you don’t mind having a separate app for searching the web this could be what you are looking for.

The problem here is that the Android API does not support multi SIM hardware in any way. See this AOSP issue from 2011:

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Thanks. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Works great and super fast.

Apps from OpenIntents are free as in beer (with a few exceptions) and free as in speech (i.i open source). I’ve used OI File Manager and OI Notepad for a few years. There are other apps, e.g. flashlight, password storage and others. Development seems to have ceased back in 2012, though.

OsmAnd~ does work great in France too. I think it’ll work well everywhere an Openstreetmap mapping is dense enough -which now covers really many countries, and at least all ‘occidental’ ones for instance…

Camera: Open Camera (OpenSource and free of charge): http://opencamera.sourceforge.net/11
Also in PlayStore.

Thanks Kgha! I definitely moved to this one thanks to you :smiley:

I tried OpenCamera but the UI is just terrible. This is generally a problem with camera apps I tried. Anyone can recommend an app that takes pretty pictures but looks good itself as well?

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I use Navit, you can find it in F-Droid repos too; it’s multi-platform so you can use in other devices (I used it on my Nokia N900 for several years) and I find this very useful especially if you still have your maps downloaded for another devices since it uses them out-of-the-box.
Bye :slight_smile: