A 'case-study' on cases for FP2 and FP3

I’ll wait for the first person to report on how it fits. If fairphone will design a new model in the next 4 years I think it has to be ingenious not just better. If I look at fp2 and compare it with fp3 I think they did well.

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I looked for a silicone case for ages for my FP2, and after a year settled for this case, which is not very useful when the phone rings and your phone is in your bag, but it is soft, sturdy and protective and handmade, and it fits: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B077RDRLNR/ref=pe_3044161_185740101_TE_item
I still hope that one day there will be such a case similar to a silicone one…

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There was a thread here from someone who designed and 3D printed a case and apparently you can use his design and have it printed somewhere.

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I’m fine with this Case for my FP2. the little pocket houses the second battery.


I forgot who recommended this option, but somewhere in this forum someone recommended Feuerwear-products, and I can confirm that the model “Mitch 10” fits perfectly. There is a loop for a belt so this sheath has its own place right at your side and won’t go in a bag with just some other messy stuff. It has a microfiber interior to keep the phone clean (more or less). I’m just not sure, whether this fits your needs as taking photos or checking notifications isn’t really possible without taking it out of its sheath but it is really close to the self-made denim sleeve. And the customer care is awesome afaict in case you will have to make use of it (I only had a question and no complain, in case you were wondering how I know this).

For reference: https://www.feuerwear.de/handy-tablet-huellen/handyhuelle-mitch
and https://www.feuerwear.de/shop/handytaschen/handytasche-mitch-10/

Edit: This especially targets the FP2. They haven’t yet released a model fitting the FP3 but I guess this is only a matter of time.

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This looks extremely cool, no doubt! But also a bit pricey.

(And w/o knowing any figures on that, I’m always wondering if upcycling of … like heavy goods or goods that have come a long way in sense of shipping or such … really does make sense in terms of CO2 footprint, effort et cetera … not sure …)

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