A call to check sound quality

Hey all!
So strange question, but here it goes. I’m very keen to switch to a FP3 (my iPhone 6 is currently on its very last legs), but have been disappointed in the call-quality I have made with a FP2 owning friend. I’ve never heard her voice come through too well and would like to make sure that that’s not an issue for the FP3 before I commit. Is there anyone in The Netherlands (ideally, although anywhere in the EU is fine) with a FP3 I could call to have a quick chat and just check the quality? I promise I’ll behave, no monkey business etc. :slight_smile:



Feel free to call mine. +49 171 5XXXXXXX.

[edited after successful test call]


Not so simple. The call quality mostly depends on the signal travel between your phone antenna and the nearest mast, that is distance and interference. I made 4 calls today from the same place, and one of them was really abrupt, nothing you can do. However it is much better since I’ve changed to another operator. My last operator had the fastest 4G but the signal was so weak it was practically useless.

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I’m not sure if you want to have your phone number publicly posted. After all there are probably some bots here trying to get private information and you’re presenting it am Silbertablett.

Maybe set a reminder to edit your post and delete your number in a couple of days when @Anna18 and you have finished testing :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reminder. You bet.

Great idea to call someone and check, good luck! My friends have been pleasantly surprised by the FP3 quality. It also connects to my Bluetooth headset (unlike FP2) so that’s instantly great quality. My FP2 definitely had its share of sound issues, I noticed nothing of this in FP3 yet. :grinning:

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Thank you very much, that’s very kind! I’ll text you so we can see when it would suit you :slight_smile:

Thanks! And glad to read it!!! :smiley:

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