A Bunch of asian characters at start up

I use second batch FP with updated OS not the 1.8. I am having not much trouble with my fairphone until today. I turn my phone off during nights and work. Today I started my phone but it seems it was like a PC would start up in dos. Asian characters checking GPS, WiFi, sim, and so on. They were yellow on bright background colours. Nothing worked to reboot, so I waited a bit and took out the battery. After putting it back the start up was normally.

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This is in no way a bug (that’s why I changed the category)!

What happened is, that you entered factory mode. This is used by the manufacturer to test the hardware. You can enter it by pressing and holding the volume down button and simultaneously pressing and holding the power button.

Oh ok so by accident I entered the factory mode. Is there a way to get out that mode without taking out the battery?

If you find yourself in factory mode again press the volume down button on the side of your phone 5 times to navigate to “reboot” and then the power button to select it.
in factory mode you can only navigate with volume down (move down), volume up (back to superior menu) and power (select)

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Jan 2015 this topic was posted (by ‘Ampulex’) but the discussion was closed Apr 30, 2017. I have the same problem with my FP1; after charging, the factory mode menu in chinese characters pops up. Taking out the battery doesn’t help. Navigating to ‘reboot’ (with vol down and power button) is impossible because the coloured line flickers up and down. What can I do?

Hi Tiny, I guess this is the topic you were referring to. I opened it again.

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If the phone always boots into testing mode and the selection there is constantly changing, my guess would be that (at least one of the) volume buttons is constantly triggering, because it is either stuck, dirty (the micro switch on the mainboard), or broken. There’s more info in this post.