5G in UK on Virgin Media


Is there a reason why 5G is not supported on the FP4 with Virgin Media? It seems to work with other carriers in the UK…

When I check in the Virgin Mobile app “device help - how to enable 5g” it tells me that this device “doesn’t support 5G”…

Any ideas?

Check the bands available though I would imagine it’s the same as Vodafone.

The FP4 connects to the following 5G bands

Sub 6 NSA bands:

First check what Virgin are offering:
Check the list not everywhere is covered by Virgin

See if you can borrow a Vodafone SIM to ensure your SIM is OK

See also the following which indicates no 5G for Virgin though I doubt that. Didn’t check the age of the page

There is virgin mobile 5G in my area, and and as far as I can tell it’s fairly decent, but the FP4 site by virgin media just says that the FP4 doesn’t support it.

I can’t seem to find clearly which bands virgin supports either…

That Virgin media say something about Fairphone isn’t encouraging, can you link to that, as if that is true then support could do with knowing.

So you can’t get 5G and you have that as an option under Settings > Network and Internet > etc.

Here’s a similar topic re Virgin

Here’s the page on their website. It’s strange because looking at their FP4 buying page they advertise it as 5G compatible…
Maybe their FP4 help pages are just the FP3+ pages?

Maybe fairphone needs to contact Virgin UK and see what needs to be done? We do get OS updates that say they’re “improving carrier compatibility” so they appear to be doing things like this?

Fairphone have a partnership with Vodafone, who are the responsible carrier so you may like to contact support @f####.com to let them know of the current status and see what they have to say.

Yes the Virgin page in this instance (5G) refers to the FP3

I just don’t see why it’s a problem with the F4

So before you check out the page above what did you do?

I have the 5G option in network settings enabled. Should I contact Fairphone Support/ Virgin media support?

My plan is definitely 5G and my SIM should be capable (how can I check that…)

I would contact both and at least play them off against each other :slight_smile:

RE: the SIM. Try someone else’s phone or go to a Vodafone store to check.

I have contacted Virgin Media and it seems that it really is just an issue of them not having worked together on this yet…
The 5G band used in the UK seems to only be n78 so far, which the FP4 supports.

I’ll send in a fairphone support request now, I hope I get this done…


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