5 year Extended warranty

I have been asking for a few months now that the extended warranty is applied to my phone. I’ve submitted the receipt yet am still getting the same email request from Rea - a bot? - asking for the same information.
I don’t know whether I am covered or not. This is extremely frustrating as all Rea has to do is look it up and confirm it.
Anyone else feel that this basic customer service is unhelpful?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You may like to call Fairphone and clarify or email support@fairphone.com, hopefully you are aware this is ‘only’ a user forum.

You haven’t given any detail on how you ‘asked’ etc. When? How long have you had the phone etc. but yes effective customer service can be painfully slow :cry:

I had the exact same situation when I registered my phone. I ended up giving up and just praying and hoping that my 5 year warranty is registered properly.

Didnt you get a confirmation that it was registered? I have an email confirming it. But yeah even if you got it the app will remind till you stop that in the app as far as I remember

Edit please see this Discussion

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No email saying that the warranty is in force. Hence my concern. Only Rea repeating the same sentence 4 times.
What do I have to do? Does anyone have a phone number for them which connects to a person?

You can find the support number under this link #contactsupport

Can you please give me the phone number here?

Also, Rea is a bot as there’s never a reply to the question.

It’s on the website

For urgent/existing requests you can contact us by phone:

+31 20 788 4400

Monday to Friday, 11:00-14:00 CET


Not correct and the forum remains a user forum and is not official support,so an employee may or may not respond to a topic and mainly they will not.

You could have just followed the link #contactsupport , however in the meantime someone else checked the HP for you

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