4G & Wi-fi issues

Hello, and good morning,
since I have been in the process of leaving this movement - my FP2 does not what it should do -, but will only get another smartphone the moment my FP2 really gives up, I have another small (big?) issue: 4G does not work any longer (since last week) and my phone does not seem to connect to the wi-fi network at home. Mobile data is on, I did not change anything, I did not go over my data limit, etc etc. Anyone who experiences the same problem and has a solution? I use my phone for work and apart from a ‘Hey I am your battery, I’m at 100% and, oh no look, I am only at 35 %’, app-latency, random reboots, failing apps, … now this happens. Still a happy man though :slight_smile:

Can I suggest backing up your data, wiping your phone and switching to Lineage OS? It may solve a lot of your problèmes.
Otherwise a hard reset and clean install usually improves things. Try reinstalling your apps progressively as it bas been shown that some problems, especially battery drainage and slow phone, are often related to apps “going wild” in background. Sometimes not even going wild, they juste use a lot of ressources.
Lineage allows fine tuning of what your apps can and connot do and thus allows you to have less apps running in the background. Therefore your phone is faster and the battery will get you through the day…

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I would also suggest to wipe all data from your phone an reinstall the OS. Either the FP OS or preferably LineageOS.
You described a lot of problems. Have you contacted the support of Fairphone or a Fairphone Angel? https://forum.fairphone.com/t/list-of-angels-heavens/31592

Hi, thanks for replying!
Lineage OS? Might work, but any pointers on where/how to do that?
Angels: no access
Back up: I’ll have to check - I don’t know how to do that; I’ll find out.

Wild guessing: could it be your simcard that needs to be replaced by a new one?

That might work - I’ll ask a new one.

For Lineage, try here: https://download.lineageos.org/FP2
There are installation instructions. Looks complicated but it isn’t really. Once you’ve intalled TWRP recovery it’s in fact very easy!
Don’t forget Gapps if you are, like me, still addicted to Gxxxxe…

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