4G or still 3G when is this changing?

Good morning everybody,

Yesterday I got told about Fairphone by a friend who is establishing a sustainable goods online shop as well as store in London ‘One good deed today’. I am sooo pleased to have found a sound smartphone! I would instantly order it but would like to know if it is 4G capable as my sim card contract runs on 4G. If it is not 4G yet when do you think this is going to happen?

Cheers, Anna

Hey @Anna1 ! Currently the FP doesn’t have 4G and we don’t have information, if the future FPs will have it. As this is a community-led forum, you probably won’t get an official answer on that here.

Greets, Stefan

PS I recategorised this to FP Road map because it is about FP’s hardware and future releases.

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To be clear: Any currently sold FairPhones won’t ever support 4G because it needs different hardware for that. It’s not something that can be enabled through a software update.

Having said that, I expect your 4G sim card to gracefully fall back to 3G if 4G is not available or supported. I don’t know if a 4G subscription is more expensive though, so that would be a waste if so.

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Looks like you already have your answer, but I’ll provide some links too for further info about the 2015 Fairphone being worked on by Fairphone.

Two articles you should read this and this

The forums are community led, so we don’t have any further information.

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